Certification Online in Assisted Stretching Therapy SFH 


"I have taken a few courses with Seminars for Health, and they have all been great! The teachers are knowledgeable and helpful. The students are cooperative and personable. I have learned much and can implement this knowledge into my practice immediately."

Most clients suffer from postural dysfunction and tight muscles. Help them with this brilliant sequence of stretches explicitly designed for the upper and lower body. The method is specific to stretching clients on the massage table.

Adding this modality to your massage session will benefit your clients and the therapist.

Benefits of Assisted Stretching Therapy

Confidently learn the benefits of stretching.

Understand the effects of stretching on different tissues

Learn the neuro-physiology of stretching

Learn stretching protocols

Learn the safety consideration around stretching

Offer a new modality to your clientele.

Execute a natural modality to add years to your career

No need for oil application

Muscle elongation

Increase muscle performance (speed, strength)

Increase joint ROM

Provides postural realignment

Decrease Joint Decompression (excellent with osteoarthritis)

Decrease joint and muscle pain

Increase body awareness

Advantages of Taking this Self-paced E-learning Online Course

Proper use of your time. Learn at your own pace and when most conducive to learning. No need to give up a sacred weekend or lose work attending a workshop. Learn about your commitments and schedule.

Cost-effectiveness: You can save on traveling and accommodation costs, and there is no need to take some days off work, lose income and pay for a babysitter as you can attend the course whenever it is the most convenient for me.

Information overload: You can only learn so much in a traditional weekend workshop. Learning online allows you to take your time and repeat until you feel confident enough to move on.

What you will learn in this course

Target region, target ROM, primary and secondary muscles affected by the stretch, and benefits of the stretch

Body Mechanics to ensure clients' and therapist's safety

What to watch for in terms of end feel specific to the region

Critical Assessment

Interpretation of the findings and what to do with them

Who is Seminars for Health?

Founded in 2011 by Linda Hoppe and Bob Cross, Seminars for Health is a Canadian-based company that provides cutting-edge online and in-person continuing education. SFH has trained over 20 000 Massage Therapists and Health Care Providers across the globe and is proudly serving across Canada, Australia, and the USA. Additionally, SFH engaged Faculty, led by Linda Hoppe, is the creator of SFH Dynamic Cupping, SFH Kinetic Massage, SFH Orthopedic Massage, SFH Intraoral TMJ,  SFH Assisted Stretching Therapy, SFH Oncology Massage, and our latest course Target Muscle Release. Our world-renowned courses certify Health Care professionals to provide high-standard care to their patients, elevate their practice, and treat musculoskeletal conditions with lasting results.

Seminars for Health' S faculty is offering self-paced e-learning courses globally. In addition, to instruct in-person courses in Calgary and Edmonton, Canada.

Upon online course completion:

Graduate to become SFH certified in Assisted Stretching Therapy.

Students complete our "Certification" after they successfully write our exam. They may access their official digital certificate if they meet all course requirements and pass the quizzes. To view/print your digital certificate, navigate to your online account. Remember to email it to your massage association. 

Who qualifies to take this course?

Open to everyone wanting to know more about stretching.

Money Back Guarantee

To receive your money-back guarantee, you must be within 30 days of purchase and have accessed or completed less than 30% of the course content.

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