Dynamic Cupping Therapy: Learn the Safest Cupping Technique in the Market

Discover the advantages of Dynamic Cupping therapy for your massage clients. Learn precise application techniques to alleviate muscle tension, enhance flexibility, ease pain, and improve results. Elevate your practice, save your hands, and leave clients satisfied. Enroll in the SFH Dynamic Cupping Therapy course, taught by the modality’s creator.

Enrolling in this intro cupping therapy course allows you to become a certified Dynamic Cupping Therapist, learn a novel technique, and earn continuing education credits. The course content is evidence-informed, updated regularly, and places emphasis on the latest and most effective technique of cupping without causing any marks on the body. Additionally, you will receive a cupping starter kit included in your registration fee, enabling you to practice and refine your cupping techniques with confidence, ultimately providing high-quality treatments for your clients.

We also provide an online version of this course for your convenience. Please visit the following link.

What sets apart the online course from the in-person course?

Content: Same content for the online and in-person cupping therapy course

Length: Dynamic Cupping in-person 14 hrs- Dynamic Cupping online 10 hrs

Proof of completion and credits are available for both cupping therapy courses and may vary depending on the Massage Association.

Dynamic Cupping Certification is available for both our in-person and online courses. However, for the in-person course, passing an exam and demonstrating the skills learned in class through your participation are required. In contrast, the cupping therapy online course requires completing an exam and submitting a video assignment for our review.

Cost: in-person; $495.00 plus GST and includes 8 cups. Online: $349.99 and you have to buy the cups separately.

Why should you take this Cupping course?

Effortlessly integrate these exceptional instruments into your practice without disrupting your natural flow, while maintaining constant contact with your client.

Dynamic Cupping stands out from other massage techniques because it utilizes a separation and lifting motion of soft tissue layers instead of compression.

The Dynamic Cupping modality was meticulously designed by the Seminars for Heath team, who coined the name “Dynamic Cupping.” Drawing on over 20 years of cupping experience, this course offers a unique approach exclusive to Seminars for Health.

SFH Certification Requirements

  1. Students must be present for the whole duration of the course length to become certified.  
  2. Students must participate and safely execute all hands-on components of the course.  
  3. Students must pass the final written exam. 

Although taking the exam is not mandatory to obtain credits from your association, certain insurance companies may insist on it as a prerequisite for covering your practice in this therapy. As a result, it’s recommended that you verify with your insurance provider to determine their criteria.

Exam: Within three days of course completion, Seminars for Health will send students an email with a link to access the online exam. You will have 14 days of access to complete your exam, starting when you sign up. Upon passing (>70%),  log in to your online account to obtain your certificate. To view the digital certificate, navigate to your online account.

Remember to submit your certificates to your association to receive credit.

Benefits of Being an SFH Certified Therapist

It demonstrates your comprehension of the course material to a level where the certifying body is assured that you can safely integrate their teachings into your professional practice.

Certain insurance companies may insist you write an exam and be certified as a prerequisite for covering your practice in this therapy.

Being certified gives you confidence that you understand the material to put it into your practice safely.

By obtaining certification, you can confidently advertise to your clients that you are officially SFH certified.

Acquiring certification boosts your level of expertise among colleagues in your profession.

What Distinguishes “proof of attendance” from “Certification”?

Upon completion of our courses, students receive “proof of attendance”, which entitles them to the designated credits approved by their association. There’s no need to take an exam for getting continued education credits.

In contrast, students have the option to obtain certification by passing our exam. Upon passing all required exams, they’ll receive an SFH certificate that acknowledges they have met all the necessary requirements to become a “Certified Therapist.” Some insurance companies do require certification for coverage.  It is recommended that you verify with your insurance provider to determine their criteria.  

Looking for CEUS Only

If you’re solely interested in obtaining CEUs, attending the class will suffice as you’ll be granted credits and digital evidence of attendance.

Who qualifies to take this course?

  • Massage Therapists
  • Kinesiologists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Athletic Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Manual Osteopaths
  • Osteopaths
  • and 2nd Year Massage Therapy students who have completed Pathology are welcome.

Included in the course

1 set of 4 medium firm cups 
1 set of 2 facial cups (1 large and one small)
1 set of 2 Dome cups (1 large and one medium)

Comprehensive handout with images

Click here to purchase more cups.


Copyright Policy 

This course contains proprietary information. None of the material contained within this course may be used without the Seminars’ explicit consent for Health. Including paraphrasing or altered versions. Canadian copyright laws protect all Seminars for Health content. In addition, Seminars for Health reserves the right to pursue legal action against any illegal distributions or presentations of any of the items listed above.

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