The Importance of Continuing Education in Employability

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Knowledge is a critical source of value in today’s ultra-competitive world. One’s dedication and commitment to lifelong learning are one of the keys to breaking down barriers to future success. In today’s work environment, massage therapists who are constantly learning through continuing education and expanding their knowledge are better prepared and are more likely to retain their jobs and/or advance to a leadership position. With new research and trends, it is not reasonable to rely alone on what have learned years ago in massage therapy school. As in any profession, the foundations acquired in school are based on which a lifetime of continuing education and career enhancement is built. As massage therapy is constantly evolving, so should its therapists.

Competence leads to confidence. Not having certain advanced skills can lead a therapist to lack the confidence to explore new opportunities to advance their career. For example, when searching for a massage therapy position and realizing they are missing a critical skill set, such as Dynamic Cupping, that is listed on the job description. They are not likely to apply for that position as they may fear possible rejection or consider it a waste of time as they would not get the position anyway. Alternatively, what would happen if that therapist took a course such as SFH Dynamic Cupping? Their attitude and confidence would likely change, and their qualifications would not be an issue. The massage therapist would enter the interview with the certainty that they have the requisite skills to give them the best opportunity to win the position.

No one can learn everything there is to know about massage therapy. The key is to find the skill set that will most benefit their clientele and, at the same time, the therapist’s style.  Whether it is rehab or relaxation, continuous learning will keep them motivated and excited about being a massage therapist. Learn all you can, learn a little about a lot or a lot about a few things. One can only benefit from continuous learning.



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