Some Mistakes to avoid When Massaging

April 17, 2019 3:33 pm Published by

Massage with long and bright color painted nails. This does not look professional.

Keep the treatment room and client cold. Warmth allows for relaxation.

Massage in a noisy environment. This makes relaxation very challenging.

Not checking Active ROM before treating. Assessing before and after treatment helps in identifying the baseline.

To go deep without prior warming up. Wait for the body to permit you.

To massage only parts of a muscle vs. the entire length of the tissue. A complete stroke makes for a better effect.

Massage without a specific outcome in mind. Identify a clear intent for a clear result and returning clients.

Using too much oil while massaging.  Connection with muscles is essential.

To not adjust the pressure according to the muscle base. Ease off when connecting with the muscle’s attachment against the bone. Bone cannot take much pressure.


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This post was written by Linda Hoppe

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