12 Top Reasons for Becoming an Orthopedic Massage Therapist

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The successful SFH Orthopedic Approach for Massage Therapists.

Provide MUSCLE THERAPY – Be part of preventative and restorative care.

    1. Learn these principles: Muscle-Base, Vector of Force, Scooping, Body Mechanics, Glide & Friction, Compression vs. Penetration.
    2. Learn how structures react to pressure: Periosteum vs. Tendon vs. Muscle belly vs. Musculoskeletal junction.
    3. Make the most significant differences in each treatment with lasting results.
    4. Provide deep pressure with less effort. Excel at providing a specific protocol to best target the muscle belly, the tendon, and musculotendinous junction.
    5. Bring optimal recovery, eliminating extreme tension while maintaining stability.
    6. Provide lasting and permanent pain relief and create optimal function.
    7. Show clients their great results by providing a quick range of motion assessment that any clinic can incorporate.
    8. Gain essential anatomical knowledge and execution of targeted advanced techniques.
    9. Increase range of motion, flexibility, improve joint health, activity performance and slow down the aging process of joints. Be part of preventative and restorative care.
    10. Identify affected postural structures and perform accurate palpation with confidence.
    11. Reverse bad habits and preserve health and career with enhanced body mechanics.
    12. Learn muscle therapy to better serve your clients and provide corrective care expediting their recovery.

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