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List of videos:

  • B1. Warm up of the Upper Trapezius-sidelying
  • B2. Kinetic Massage of the Upper Trapezius-sidelying
  • B3. Levator Scapula-Origin-Insertion-Prone
  • B4. Levator Scapula- Cervical origin release-side lying
  • B5. Levator Scapula, scapular attachment release-sidelying
  • B6. Levator Scapulae Kinetic on scapular attachment-sidelying
  • B7. Levator Scapula stripping-prone
  • B8. Splenius Capitis Stripping-sidelying
  • B9. Splenius Capitis against fiber-sidelying
  • B10. Semispinalis release technique
  • B11. Segmental Mobilizations of cervical thoracic junction
  • B12. Posterior Neck Release technique-supine

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