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List of videos:

  • H1. Wrist Flexors Origin-Insertion release technique
  • H2. Wrist Flexors stripping
  • H3. Wrist Flexors Passive Kinetic
  • H4. Wrist Flexors Active Kinetic
  • H5. Wrist Flexors against fibers
  • H6. Pronator Teres Muscle Anatomy
  • H7. Pronator Teres Origin Release Technique
  • H8. Pronator Teres Insertion Release technique
  • H9. Pronator Teres Stripping
  • H10. Pronator Teres Passive Kinetic
  • H11. Pronator Teres Active Kinetic
  • H12. Wrist Extensors Origin-Insertion release technique
  • H13. Wrist Extensors stripping
  • H14. Wrist Extensors Passive Kinetic
  • H15. Wrist Extensors Active Kinetic
  • H16. Massage the structures around the thumb

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