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With all the Cupping therapy courses, why choose SFH Dynamic Cupping?

We update our course content and delivery every time we instruct the course. We constantly read and adjust based on the latest available research. Finally, and most importantly, we do not embrace marking the skin and working with more than 5 cups at once.

Seminars for Health developed an SFH Dynamic Cupping course in 2014  based on over 40 combined years of knowledge and expertise. Seminars for Health came up with the name “Dynamic Cupping” as the best course name reflecting the focus on cup glide and joint mobilizations.

This Dynamic Cupping course is designed for massage therapists, kinesiologists, nurses, chiropractors, and physiotherapists who want a tool to do the job. After all, patients want results, and they want to feel better. SFH Dynamic Cupping course focuses on that tool to provide results when nothing else works. SFH Dynamic Cupping Silicone cups are the best choice for practitioners looking for a tool to enhance their skills, not replace them. Eight different cup sizes are used to cup the entire body, including the face and the feet.
Clear silicone cups are the ideal choice for this course, even though all cupping styles and cups are discussed in training. The silicone cups stay put when you move them around and mobilize the surrounding joints when treating the soft tissue. Silicone cups are simple and easy to use. There is a reason why they are so popular.

The silicone cups are fantastic tools, but they are only as powerful and effective as one knows what to do with them.
This SFH Dynamic Cupping course teaches how to safely treat using cups with strategic cup placement, minimal marking, and specifically targeted technique executions. SFH Dynamic Cupping goes way beyond teaching someone how to place random cups on someone’s body. It includes comprehensive, practical techniques for specific musculoskeletal and fascial targets to trigger positive changes for your suffering patients.

One last reason you should choose this Cupping course. Patient safety is also a priority when Seminars for Health is developing and providing training. Therefore, be assured that this in-person and online education training includes safe practice and contraindications. In addition, you can trust that this course is designed with course outcomes to prepare the practitioner to provide a qualified cupping experience to the patients. And did I mention that you become Certified once you successfully write the official exam?

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