Top Cupping Tips

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  • Tip One: Dynamic Cupping is as beneficial as it is dangerous, do not cup without proper training.
  • Tip Two: Efficient Dynamic Cupping does not necessarily have to be painful.
  • Tip Three: Dynamic Cupping can be beneficial even without leaving marks on the skin.
  • Tip Four: Choosing clear cups instead of colored ones is recommended. Clear cups enable you to see through the skin, assess skin coloration, and perform consistent lifting during Dynamic Cupping massage.
  • Tip Five: The ideal skin color under the cup during Dynamic Cupping massage should appear pinkish, and the skin should not elevate more than 1-2 cm beneath the cup.
  • Tip Six: To clean your cups regularly, it is recommended to use hot water, soap, and a hospital-grade cleaner. Cleaning your cups does not have to be a complex process.
  • Tip Seven:  It is advisable to refrain from cupping clients with type 1 Diabetes or autoimmune disorders since their ability to heal may be diminished.
  • Tip Eight:  It is recommended to use gentle cupping techniques when working with the older population since the skin and vascular elasticity may diminish with age, increasing the risk of damaging blood vessels. Moreover, it is important to check for anticoagulant and antiplatelet medications since cupping is not advisable for clients taking these drugs.
  • Tip Nine:  It is advisable to avoid using more than four cups simultaneously since applying too many cups can hinder safe monitoring and increase the risk of harm to the body.
  • Tip Ten: It is crucial to prevent untrained individuals and children from accessing cups as cupping can be dangerous.
  • Tip Eleven:  Gliding the cups is the safest way to perform cupping without causing injury to the body. The gliding technique provides less tensile pressure than parking cups, which helps to minimize the risk of damaging blood vessels and leaving marks on your clients.
  • Tip Twelve: To ensure safe cupping practice, it is crucial to assess your cups within 10 seconds of placement.
  • Tip Thirteen:  It is advisable to avoid parking a cup over a neurovascular bundle since it can interfere with blood flow and irritate nerves.
  • Tip Fourteen: If skin discoloration persists for more than a minute after removing the cups, it indicates that the suction was too strong.

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