TOP 10 REASONS to PROVIDE Orthopedic Massage to the Forearm, Wrist and Hand

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  1. Muscle imbalances and premature wear-and-tear of the joints could lead to nerve compression.
  2. Provide treatment and bring awareness to unknown potential conditions before it becomes problematic.
  3. Profound results take little time when providing a direct OM approach developed by Linda Hoppe.
  4. Treat using a specific protocol that best targets the muscle belly, the tendon, and the musculotendinous junction.
  5. This is more than just broad strokes. Advanced OM provides precision which is utmost important in this complex area.
  6. Allow the Muscle Base of this body region to work in your favor. Utilize a 3-D massage method, unique to Seminars for Health.
  7. Preserve your body, hands, fingers, and thumbs. Orthopedic Massage Therapists utilize proper body mechanics that work with your anatomy.
  8. Bolstering correctly positions your client for the best OM treatment that preserves your body mechanics.
  9. Old injuries are stubborn to heal in this area entirely. Clients often live through ailments and old scar tissue that could interfere with optimal well-being; creating an environment for potential future conditions.
  10. Demands on our hands are higher now than ever and prevalent amongst many professions. There is an abundance of repetitive strain that requires therapeutic care.
    • electronic devices
    • servers
    • hair stylists
    • heavy labor
    • estheticians
    • athletics – recreational & professional
    • students of all ages
    • massage therapists
Receive a full-bi-lateral Forearm, Wrist and Hand treatment within this course.
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