Tips to Enhance your Practice

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3 Ways To Enhance Your Practice

1: Get The Most Out Of Your Continued Education
It can be tough to find the right education for you with a million options out there. Make sure you book your courses through a reputable source and that your association recognizes them. It helps if the course provider directly communicates with your association to organize your earned credits upon course completion.

Find certifications vs courses. Certifications generally signal that you were tested on class material and have a solid understanding of it. They hold more weight in the eyes of potential employers, clients, and other professionals in the health and wellness space. You can also display certifications to clients, which indicates experience and knowledge to elevate your practice.

2: Always Leave Your Clients With Something To Take Home


At the start of a session, clients will express problems, concerns or open up about their life. Take mental notes during this time to see if there is any information you can leave them with after their treatment.


It can be as simple as giving them stretches to do when they go home, providing them with articles about best posture practices in the workplace, or tips on de-stressing at the end of the day.

Whatever connects best with your specific client. If you leave them with “something extra,” they will take it home and continue to think about your practice beyond the treatment.


3: Check-in With Your Space

It’s the little things that count when it comes to making someone feel comfortable in your treatment room. A client’s first impression of you includes the space in which you operate, so we always suggest checking the following things:


  1. First and foremost – is it clean? Are the baseboards clean? Is the light fixture free of bugs and dust? Have you vacuumed your vents lately? Clients are becoming more aware of things like this, so be sure to pay attention. A great cleaning account to follow on Instagram is @gocleanco for cleaning tips!


  1. How inviting is your space? A stark empty room can be unsettling, even if the lights are dimmed. Salt lamps or plants go a long way in making space feel more comfortable. Hanging art can go a long way as well – we suggest sticking with colours that are known to calm the senses.


  1. Check your linens. When was the last time you bought new sheets for your table? Are they starting to get thin and pill from all the washing? It might be time to switch them out. Also, be mindful of oil stains – while you might know that the sheets are clean, perception to the client is everything.
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