Tips for Retaining Clients

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Have you noticed that you are less busy than usual?

It’s estimated that clients who rebook on the day of their service make an average of 30 to 50% more visits per year than clients who don’t. Rebooking warm clients who have just walked out of a great session is one of the easiest sales! Take this opportunity while the client and the therapist are excited.

Tips for Rebooking Clients

  • REPORT THE TIGHT REGION: While the client is in session, gently report the tight region/muscles you just treated and what you would like to address at their next visit. Example: “Hi Linda, I noticed your right neck muscles were tight today. Those tight muscles could contribute to the tension headaches you have been having. Let’s make sure that we include them in your next visit. Are you available in 2 weeks or next month at the latest?
  • SUGGEST DATES: Tell clients with busy schedules that it will benefit them to set up their next appointment in advance. For example, “my weekends are booking up” or “I’d like to see you before the busy holiday rush” can motivate clients.
  • IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE: Ask your clients for feedback will help you improve your service and show the client you care. Satisfied clients tend to be more loyal.
  • ASSESS BEFORE TREATING; Take time through emails or in person to identify the reasons for the visit. Custom care and excellent treatment will keep them coming back.
  • ASK FOR REFERRALS: Happy customers will refer you to other customers. Delighted clients make the best advocates because third-party claims of excellence carry more weight than self-promotion. Most customers are willing to refer because they know how important referrals are, and people like to help.

It’s time to increase one of your business’s most accessible revenue streams. Look at your current rebooking numbers and set a goal to increase that percentage in the next month. You may be surprised how easily you can increase your monthly income! 

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