Seminars For Health Certification Emblems

These emblems represent that this practitioner has completed and passed the required standards to become Certified by Seminars For Health in one of our seven certification courses. We offer certifications in seven modalities:

  1. Dynamic Cupping
  2. TMJ Massage
  3. Pre & Postnatal Massage
  4. Orthopedic Massage
  5. Kinetic Massage
  6. Oncology Massage 
  7. Assisted Stretching


Proof of Attendance versus Certification

  1. Students complete our classes and receive our “proof of attendance”. They still receive the allotted amount of credits specified by their association and do not need to complete an exam.
  2. Students complete our “Certification” after they successfully write our exam.  If they pass all exams required (if more than one), then they will receive a final SFH certificate stating that they completed all requirements to be a “Certified Therapist”.

SFH Certification requirements

  1. Students must be present for the whole duration of the course length to become certified.
  2. Students must participate and safely execute all hands-on components of the course.
  3. Students must pass the final written exam. 

Please note that the instructors have the right to ask the students to execute any hands-on component at any time. Refusal will deny you from the exam process and, subsequently, your certification.

SFH instructors hold the right to refuse students from writing the final exam if they feel that the participant cannot safely perform the material despite adequate training.

Upon class Completion:

You will receive an email, including an electronic version of your proof of attendance. Upon registration, make sure you enter your information correctly to ensure this happens. We collect your email address, first name and last name (please give us the name you wish to have on your proof of attendance).

Upon Certificate Completion:

You will receive an email that includes an electronic version of your certificate and instructions on how to promote your new skill set and service. It can take up to three weeks to receive this email.  When registering, please make sure you enter your information correctly. We will require an email address, first name and last name (please give us the name you wish to have printed on your certificate).

Remember to submit your certificate to your professional association for credits update on your file.

Pre-purchased official certifications will be mailed to you three weeks after you have passed the exam. Please do not call the office to find out your results.