Ten Tips For A Successful Massage Practice

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Here are 10 things that can help elevate any massage therapists practice and enhance your client experience…

1. Are you struggling with finding the time to assess your clients before massaging them? Pre and post-massage assessments are necessary to ensure safety and proper treatment plan. Get in the habits to do it before every session, and soon you will realize how proficient you will become.

2. Are you guilty of asking your clients, “What are we working on today? Often clients do not know what their needs are, so how can they tell you what you should be working on — this is another example of why assessment is so important.

3. Are you making sure you are rescheduling your clients for the correct amount of time needed between treatments? Your clients trust your expertise and are expecting you to tell them when their next appointment should be.

4. Are you giving your clients a customized treatment or falling into a pattern? Each client has unique pains and problems. Make sure you customize your client’s massage based on each client’s needs.

5. Do not underestimate the comfort of the client, use proper body support with bolsters, rolled towels, correct pillow thickness, and body positioning, creating a healing resting position.

6. Is investing in proper bedding important? Sheets that are good quality comfortable, large enough, not see-through make for a better experience for your clients.

7. Music preferences, take the time to download different albums to suit all client preferences. Make a note of it in your client’s chart.

8. Conversation during the massage should be discouraged but focus on breathing and relaxation could be suggested.

9. Be clear with your client about wardrobe removal. Proper instruction gets rid of confusion, and knowledge helps them to relax.

10. Make one personal note about each client, making the connection with your client personal but professional.


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