The Importance of Taking Breaks

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One of the essential tools Massage Therapists can utilize to optimize their mental health is incorporating more breaks into their work massage routine. Here are a few of the most significant benefits of incorporating more “you” time throughout your working day at the massage clinic.

Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs. 

According to Barbara Anne Oakley, our brains have two modes of thinking: Focused and Diffuse. To be your best, it is recommended to master both methods. The focused mode is in action when you must do vital tasks such as foraging. On the other hand, when operating in diffused mode, our brain is more relaxed and in a ‘daydream’ type state. Some studies have shown that we solve our most challenging problems in this diffused state.

Breaks can boost your productivity. 
Micro-breaks, lunchtime breaks, and longer breaks have been shown to affect well-being and productivity positively. By taking regular intervals, you can boost your performance.

Injury reduction 
When you give your body time to rest, you can significantly reduce your chance of injury.

Tips for Ensuring you Take Breaks

  1. Agree on break times with your peers and help each other to stick to the break time you’ve agreed on.
  2. Set the alarm on your phone to prompt you.
  3. Plan to do something you enjoy in your break – the anticipation of pleasure will motivate you to keep to the break.
  4. Pay attention to any benefits you experience when you take a break – this will lodge in your mind and motivate you to take breaks in the future.
  5. Use post-it notes or drawings in your workspace to remind you that a PGR project is a long-term piece of work – you won’t complete it well if you burn yourself out: so take a break.

Tips On Optimizing Your Breaks 

  1. Take breaks before you need them. Taking a break before your body and mind are entirely exhausted does more good. It is typical to take the first breaks at lunch or mid-afternoon when sleepiness and poor focus start to set in.
  2. Make sure you fully disconnect. If you turn your mind off of your job, it’ll help you rejuvenate and be able to focus when you get back to your treatment room. Meditation, reading, exercise, or completing a quick chore are great ways to take your mind fully off your job.
  3. Remember to eat. Take a moment for mindful eating. Focus on the taste, smell, or texture of the food. Could you slow down and enjoy it? Take a moment to gratitude for all that you are thankful for.
  4. Change your scenery, walk outside or go to a coffee shop. A physical refresh will help you mentally refresh.

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