Release Stress with Guided Meditation Massage

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Regardless of how skilled of a massage therapist you may be, it’s a fact that most clients struggle to immerse themselves into the massage experience fully. Clients may end up leaving the session with lingering feelings of tension and anxiety. By itself, massage therapy is the right way for most clients to overcome any stress and anxiety they may be facing. However, adding guided meditation massage provides a fantastic tool for clients to enter a much deeper state of relaxation. Which, in turn, serves to enhance the massage’s overall relaxing and therapeutic effects. Such an approach also benefits therapists since it’s much easier to massage a relaxed and receptive client.

Integrating Guided Meditation Massage into Your Practice

Combining guided meditation with a massage distracts the client’s mind and redirects the client’s focus on the work done on specific body parts. For a massage therapist, bringing a mindful approach during meditation massage practice doesn’t require to be a meditation expert. With the help of the audio recording and massage skills, both the clients and the massage therapist can quickly benefit from the excellent conducted meditation massage.

Specially crafted by Canada’s leading massage training experts, Seminars for Health’s unique Guided Meditation Massage program teaches massage therapists how to effectively create a mindful, supportive environment for a massage session by combining guided Yoga Nidra style meditation to their massages. Yoga Nidra meditation is a proven, powerful meditation technique that practitioners are using for centuries. Practitioners harness the therapeutic benefits of deep relaxation while remaining 100% conscious. The fact that anyone can use Yoga Nidra meditation makes it the ideal meditation form for your massage therapy. There’s no need for any prior meditation experience from your client– all clients need to do is follow the guided meditation.

Seminars for Health’s unique Guided Meditation Massage course teaches the skilled therapist the basics methodology and practice of Yoga Nidra meditation, along with how to use the guided audio meditation while practicing a full body massage. All that’s required from you is an open mind to understand the benefits of guided meditation, along with a willingness to practice mindfulness. Get in touch today to find out more about how you can become one of the first massage therapists to offer this revolutionary treatment in your practice.


Written by Linda Hoppe Bkin, RMT, MT

June 2019


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