Prenatal Massage – How can it help?

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You have most likely overheard a pregnant woman at some point voicing their discomfort, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. From aching backs, swollen legs and feet, to higher levels of anxiety, pregnancy can undoubtedly take its toll.

The changes a woman’s body goes through while pregnant impacts all systems of her body. The obvious is the physical effects of a growing fetus in her uterus; however, changes also occur on a subtle physiological level, such as increased blood volume and hormone production fluctuation.

Prenatal, or pregnancy, massage can help with most pregnancy discomforts. A common complaint is low back pain.  As the fetus grows, the uterus overtakes the abdominal cavity. This places constant pressure on the low back and pelvic floor muscles. Adding to this, the mother’s body starts to produce the hormone relaxin that prepares the pelvis to widen for delivery.  The affects cause laxity to all the joints, resulting in muscles contracting to support the joints. This can cause muscle pain in new areas of the body, fatigue and referral pain in alternative spaces such as the head, arms, and legs. Massage techniques are extremely helpful in decreasing muscle soreness and hypertonicity. Massage can move stagnant fluid for it to be then processed through the lymphatic system.

Prenatal massage can be somewhat intimidating for a therapist who has not received proper training. As much as a prenatal massage can benefit a woman, it can also be contraindicated under certain circumstances. There are general (full body) CI’s as well as local CI’s that are very important to know and understand.  A pregnant woman’s body is very resilient and programmed to keep that baby safe for 40 weeks; however, certain areas of the body need to be treated differently, or not at all, to ensure that the pregnancy will not be adversely affected. With prenatal massage, it is most important to know what not to do.

If you are interested in learning how to deliver an effective and safe prenatal massage, Seminars for Health is proud to offer a weekend course covering specialized techniques, proper positioning and critical contraindications for massaging pregnant women.  Upon completion of this course, you will be able to provide another popular modality within your massage practice.

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