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List of videos:

  • G1. Axial traction of the foot and ankle
  • G2. Anterior glide of the ankle
  • G3. Posterior glide of the ankle
  • G4. Talus repositioning technique supine
  • G5. Talus repositioning technique standing
  • G6. Passive Kinetic of the Gastrocnemius and Soleus muscles 1
  • G7. Passive Kinetic of the calf muscles with vertical leg
  • G8. Gastrocnemius/Soleus against fibers
  • G9. Calcaneal tendon stripping
  • G10. Calcaneal tendon zigzag
  • G11. Peroneal Muscles Active Kinetic
  • G12.Tibialis Posterior muscle release technique
  • G13. Flexor Hallucis release technique 1
  • G14. Flexor Hallucis Rrelease technique 2
  • G15. Tibialis Anterior Active Kinetic

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