Grounding 101

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Have you ever had a client take it out of you? Angry, stressed, and demanding clients can unintentionally torment health care providers even though it is not disserved. Whatever the client’s behavior and the reason, there is a need for self-protection tools.

Let’s Start with Grounding
Being grounded is having a solid connection with Mother Earth and being in touch with nature, allowing you to be fully present with what is happening (Koniver, L. (2020).

Not being grounded can make you feel scattered, disconnected, lightheaded, tired,  shaken, flighty, emotionally unstable, etc. So how would you describe your personal experience of not being grounded? And how do you handle it?

We put together a few unique grounding techniques that you will hopefully find beneficial to help you remain grounded while massaging.

Remember that not every tip works for each person. Try different techniques until you find the method that works best for you.

Grounding Techniques 

1. Visualize light around you
You are visualizing light around you or your client. The light of any color will give you the feeling of protection from any negative energy by creating a barrier between you and the client. Great practice during massage treatments.

2. Grounding you and your client
You can also use a breathing technique with your client. Start the treatment by mindfully placing one hand on their low back and suggesting they take three nice deep abdominal breaths. While they are breathing, be mindful that you are too. The expansion of the abdomen will relax and settle both of you before the treatment.

3. Find a quiet room and connect with the ground 
Protect yourself from the anticipation of a difficult client. How you can do that is simple. While your client is getting ready, find a quiet space, go on all fours and connect your hands and feet to the ground. Bring attention to your breathing by inhaling and exhaling (exhaling longer than you inhale) and feeling your hands and feet resting on the floor. Repeat the breathing 2-3 times, lengthening the exhalation and focusing even more on your body’s connection with the ground. This clever technique will ground and bring total awareness, allowing you to be fully present in the moment.

4. Eating intentionally or slowly 
Between clients, take a moment to eat a healthy snack and bring awareness to chewing your food slowly. Eating slow calms the mind, improves digestion, and settles your mental state. Take small bites of your favorite food or sip a beverage you enjoy, letting yourself fully pay attention to each ingredient. Think about how it tastes, smells, and the flavors that linger on the surface of your tongue. You will find relaxation and grounding in this habit of eating slowly and mindfully. Give it a try. You never know.

5. Practice self-kindness

Repeat kind, compassionate phrases to yourself:

  • “You’re doing great; you’ll make it through.”
  • “You’re strong, and you can move through this.”
  • “You’re trying hard, and you’re doing your best.”

Say it aloud or in your head as many times as you need.

We hope that at least one grounding tip resonates with you so you can enjoy massaging while saving energy and protecting yourself. We would like to hear about your favorite grounding techniques if you get a chance. Please share it with us by responding to this email; perhaps someone else can benefit from it by sharing it with your peers.

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Koniver, L. (2020). The Earth Prescription: Discover the Healing Power of Nature with Grounding Practices for Every Season. United Kingdom: New Harbinger Publications.


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