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Make the most of your required RMT Continued Education with SFH Certification Programs. These certifications are perfect for any Registered Massage Therapists looking to increase their knowledge and expand their customer base. Seminars for Health launched 6 Certification Programs based on 6 of our most popular massage therapy courses this year.

SFH Dynamic Cupping

In our most popular 2-day cupping course, you will learn how to restore health using lifting, kinetic techniques mobilizations designed explicitly for the Massage Therapist. To ensure your client’s safety is covered, Fundamentals Of Cupping is also included in this course.

Why Should You Take It?

This Certification Program provides you with training in a high-demand modality, potentially increasing your customer base. Cupping also gives you an extra lift and efficiency to improve your treatment depth with less effort.

SFH Pre + Postnatal Massage

Learn how to provide superior care to women through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum with this comprehensive and exciting 3-day program. It combines both our Pre & post-natal courses into one program. This course is offered to Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, Nurses, and Osteopaths.

Why Should You Take It?

This course will provide you with the knowledge to service a unique clientele. It will take your learning beyond what is covered in school, giving you the tools you need to establish yourself as a Certified Pre and Post-natal therapist.

SFH Intraoral TMJ

Learn a respectful way to treat the temporomandibular joint intraorally. We have two levels to this course that will help you expand your offering to your clientele.

Why Should You Take It?

This course focuses on a common issue that many clients seek relief from. We go in-depth on anatomy and soft tissue manipulation so you can confidently execute this treatment. This course can increase your client base as many dentists refer to therapists with quality TMJ intraoral training.

SFH Kinetic Massage

Our 3-day Kinetic Certification Program combines all three of our kinetic courses that focus on the shoulder, hip, and neck. This course teaches you how to connect joint movement with precise pressure to maximize joint mobility.

Why Should You Take It?

This SFH Kinetic method has proven lasting results that go beyond traditional massage. It is a great course to take if your clients ask you to focus on increasing the mobility of their shoulders, neck, or hips. In addition, it can help support functional joint mobility and dramatically change your client’s response to treatment.

SFH Oncology Massage

In this highly anticipated 31-hr. certification program, you will learn how to treat people affected by cancer using soft tissue manipulations safely. The first part of this SFH Oncology program consists of the Fundamentals of Oncology course (one-day course), and the second is Oncology of Soft Tissue Manipulation (24-hr course).

Why Should You Take It?

SFH Oncology offers a service for the fast-growing need to train healthcare providers to provide clients with ongoing and post-treatment soft-tissue care. This path will give you the foundation to confidently treat oncology patients and cancer survivors through hands-on support. It is also an area of massage therapy that is unfortunately in high demand, with a low number of experienced therapists offering this type of care.

SFH Orthopedic Massage

Learn how to achieve more profound healing with your clients using Orthopedic techniques. This 36-hr course was designed to connect Physiotherapy with Massage.

Why Should You Take It?

You will gain more insights into the world of Physiotherapy and use this method to help enhance your practice. In addition, you can attain long-lasting results with your clients using this modality. This course also teaches you proper body mechanics that will allow you to lengthen your career and prevent injury.

What are Seminars For Health certifications?

An SFH certification is an official certificate that proves that you have taken and understood the course information to the level where SFH is confident you can start incorporating what you learned into your practice.

 What are the main differences between an SFH course and an SFH certification?  

  • You must pass a final exam upon completing the course to prove that you understand the taught knowledge.
  • It ensures that you have absorbed and understand the material and can confidently put it into practice.
  • It allows you to list that you are SFH certified in the course you participated in & advertise this accomplishment to your clients.

Are the credits still the same?
Yes – you earn the same amount of credits as a traditional course.

GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR REQUIRED COURSE TIME! We have Various Certification programs scheduled; check out the schedule HERE or by clicking the link above.

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