Effects and Benefits of Shiatsu

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Shiatsu – Create overall holistic balance. Long-lasting benefits that affect the entire body.


Effects and Benefits of Shiatsu

  • MUSCULOSKELETAL: Decreases muscular hypertonicity which can help correct skeletal alignment.
  • RELAXATION: Increases relaxation and decreases the effects of stress on the body. It stimulates the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system and sedates the sympathetic branch.
  • EMOTIONAL BALANCE: Promotes mental clarity and releases blocked and suppressed emotional tension
  • INTERNAL BALANCE: Stimulates the normal functioning of the internal organs through acupressure meridian points.
  • IMMUNITY: Increases immune function, improves digestion, breathing and proper functioning of the endocrine system.
  • PAIN REDUCTION: decreases pain by stimulating the production and release of endorphins.
  • CIRCULATORY: Increases circulation while regulating blood pressure.


SHIATSU vs ACUPUNCTURE: A Shiatsu practitioner seeks out points and areas of imbalances within each individual through careful diagnosis and intuition. With acupuncture, it is typical to only use textbook meridian points. Shiatsu integrates well within a massage as no needles are required. 


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