Cupping the upper back with silicone cups and dynamic cupping technique

Contraindications to Cupping by Seminars for Health Cupping Team

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Massage gliding versus parking the cups

Gliding cupping is recommended over parking cups to prevent marking the body or breaking a blood vessel. Parking is okay as long as the suction is not creating injuries or marks lasting longer than 2 minutes.

Areas to avoid

Anterior neck, medial to SCM
Fractures, dislocations
Kidneys – stationary cups over kidneys
Areas of superficial blood vessel areas/nerve areas: anterior neck, groin, anterior distal forearm. Insulin, or any medical injection sites
Scarring following surgeries. Wait for the scar to heal, at least 3-5 weeks
Herniation/Bulging disc area
Cyst of any kind – pressure can increase discomfort

Acute and non-acute medical conditions

Cancer, malignant tumours, or while receiving cancer therapy
Rheumatoid arthritis flare-up

Cardiovascular-related conditions

Acute hematomas
Deep vein thrombosis
Low blood pressure
Acute circulatory disorders (varicosities)

Von Willebrand disease


Spider & Varicose veins – failed valves are no longer capable of directing blood upward and inward

Note: Varicose & Spider Veins: High pressure within the superficial system causes local dilatation, which leads to sequential failure (through over-stretching) of other nearby valves in the superficial veins. After a series of valves have failed, the problematic veins can no longer direct

Systemic conditions / Weakened conditions

Diabetes 1
Liver dysfunction
Kidney dysfunction
Hemophiliacs and clients who bruise easily
Clients with extreme exhaustion, high stress, or weakened general conditions
Severe edema

Skin hypersensitivity-skin conditions to avoid include but are not limited to

Rash, Sunburn
Shingles (Herpes zoster)
Skin lesions, raised moles, skin tags, acne
Medications – Including thin skinning medication
Aspirin, Blood Thinners

All Acute musculoskeletal injuries


Confirm medications within case history and update client files regularly.
Stay current with your medication knowledge. is an excellent reference.

Patients on anti-coagulant and anti-platelet medication should not receive cupping.


Unless the client has received cupping therapy pre-pregnancy, it is recommended to introduce gliding dynamic cupping gently in the second trimester. Recognize that a conservative approach is necessary as structures may be more responsive during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes in the body (Granter, 2011). More research needs to be completed to provide certitude with safe practice during pregnancy.

Special considerations during pregnancy: Same as a non-pregnant client. PLUS: Do not park
in the lower back.

Children and the Elderly
We recommend the gradual and gentle introduction of gliding dynamic cupping therapy with children and the older
population. Assess reaction to treatment and adjust accordingly.

Note: Please always inform clients that visible markings can result from cupping from 3 to up to 7-8 days following treatment. The client has to agree with marking; otherwise, cupping therapy is contraindicated.


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