Rise above to provide the best treatment your clients crave. This is muscle therapy that blends exceptionally well precise anatomy and massage techniques.

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Become Certified as an a Kinetic Orthopedic Massage Therapist


Fri Feb 8 from 4:00 to 8:00 Fundamentals of Kinetic OM
Sat Feb 9 from 8:30 to 12:30 Kinetic OM of the Rotator Cuff
Sat Feb 9 from 1:30 to 5:30 Kinetic OM of the Lumbar/SI
Sun Feb 10 from 8:30 to 12:30 Kinetic OM of the Hip & Thigh
Sun Feb 10 from 1:30 to 5:30 Kinetic OM of the Leg & Foot

What is Kinetic Orthopedic Massage (KOM)?

Kinetic Orthopedic Massage is based on the principle of massaging with respect to the musculature’s anatomy. You will be presented with concepts created by your instructor such as: muscle base, scooping and vector of force. Additionally, because the body is designed to move, a strong emphasis of this course is on moving the joints to produce the desired effect – a return to health. Enhance your skills to massage like an orthopaedic surgeon, with precision and results.

How can your clients benefit from Kinetic Orthopedic Massage (KOM)?

This course will dramatically change your client’s progress and response to treatment.

Learn how to implement Orthopedic Massage in your regular practice and understand it in reference to pathologies.

Invest in YOURSELF and lengthen your career with improved body mechanics.

Specifics of each Kinetic Orthopedic Massage course

Fundamentals of Kinetic Orthopedic Massage: Prepare yourself towards your journey of KOM certification. Learn the fundamental steps involved to this superior approach created by Seminars for Health. This path will give you the foundation to confidently begin your KOM practice. Incorporate this methodology, become transformed and reach your true potential. Once you understand these principles, bring them into your practice to become the best you can be. Be satisfied that you are making the greatest difference with  Kinetic Orthopedic Massage.

Kinetic OM of the Rotator Cuff: Upgrade your skills. Master the highly effective KOM techniques that treat debilitating tendinopathy. Execute targeted dynamic movement respecting the synergistic relationship between the rotator cuff muscles, the thoracic cage and spine. Provide lasting and permanent pain relief and create optimal function.

Kinetic OM of the Lumbar and SI Joint: Facet joints are not meant to bear load creating pain and muscle tension. Kinetic Orthopedic Massage releases spinal pressure creating ‘Opening’ by targeting key junctions to eliminate the source of pain immediately. Adding segmental mobility and targeted muscle work will restore pain-free postural balance. Perform a focused lumbar or SI treatment. Become empowered, provide relief and slow down the overwhelming number of back pain sufferers.

Kinetic OM of the Hip and Thigh: The hip is the quickest joint to show age; the effects are devastating. We are becoming a sitting, immobile society; showing an increase of osteoarthritis. Master Kinetic Orthopedic Massage and influence the healing of the hip joint, capsule, muscle junction and attachment. Increase range of motion, flexibility, improve joint health, activity performance and slow down the aging process. Be part of preventative and restorative care. Provide quality of life with lasting effects.

Kinetic OM of the Leg and Foot: Often unresolved foot and leg problems can lead to conditions that require care. The complexity of this weigh bearing, intricate region is highly responsive to OM treatment provided to both joints and muscles. Restore foot function and unload the muscles with dynamic OM specific joint mobilizations methods. Be part of preventative and restorative care.