Upgrade with Kinesiotaping

Get trained and earn CEUs from leading movement, performance, and rehabilitation experts.

Movement is key to all healing, whether working with an elite athlete or someone suffering from a car crash.

Day 1: FMT Basic

FMT Basic Kinesiology Taping Certification introduces the evidence-based approach to taping for discomfort*, enhancing fluid dynamics, posture, nerve entrapment, and scars. FMT Basic is an evidence-informed kinesiology taping course that redefines our understanding of the effects of elastic therapeutic taping on discomfort* mitigation, circulation, and proprioception.

Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) Certification courses are led by industry-leading experts in movement assessment and therapy. In addition, FMT courses present a revolutionary way of thinking about how we move and injure.

They integrate innovative mobility and stability strategies and a movement-based, practical kinesiology taping framework to deliver RESULTS.

Day 2: FMT Advanced

FMT Advanced Kinesiology Taping Certification expands on the concepts taught in FMT BASIC  and explores enhancing human movement and performance via functional taping (movement-based) methods. The anatomy and physiology of myofascial lines are covered. Movement screening is used to determine dysfunction in specific anatomical planes of motion and how to apply tape to improve movement and function.

The FMT Series certification courses are intended for healthcare professionals, therapists, and trainers. CEUs may be offered for DC, ATC, PT, OT, LMT, DVM, Kins, and personal trainers – depending on location and class type.