Become proficient in Hot Stone Therapy

This two-day in-person course provides a whole-body Hot Stone Therapy treatment.  Learn how to use different stones (marble and basalt) with warm and cold applications targeting other body regions with flat and stone edges. You will learn Hot Stone therapy from a certified instructor with 25 yrs plus experience in the clinical and spa industries. Become skilled with Hot stone and be ready to work in clinical and spa environments providing superior Hot Stone therapy.

Please note: This course requires you to bring your hot stones and heater.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. A full-body technique of hot stone massage with alternating temperature stones
  2. How to safely and effectively handle the rocks
  3. Specific techniques using the stones, taking advantage of shapes and different stones
  4. Treat with a flow, energy, and balance treatment
  5. Uses of contrast temperatures in treatment
  6. Learn hydrotherapy principles
  7. Specific techniques of myofascial release using flat edges of the hot stones.
  8. Mini treatments using hot and cold stones can be integrated into a regular massage routine or used independently.
  9. Proficient in hot stone therapy
  10. Learn from a spa owner with over 25 years of experience.

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What do MTs say about this course?

I took Lisa’s Hot Stone Therapy Course, which helped me more than expected. I already had practice with Hot Stone, having had every workplace I worked taught me how they did their protocol; however, I’d never had an actual course. I knew how to handle the rocks well and created my massage technique. Then I took this course and learned much more than I knew before. Having used stones before, I had an advantage in the class because instead of learning how to handle the stones, I focused on the techniques used. We learned a style that I didn’t previously know on the first day. It focused on the treatment’s energy, flow, and balance. I loved the technique we learned for a full-body relaxation Hot Stone massage. On the second day, we went deeper and learned about cold stones and how stones could be used in a specialty treatment massage. This was intriguing because I previously did not know about stones for specific treatments. The consensus towards Hot Stone is that it is just a fluffy spa massage. Hot and cold stones on the body can be therapeutic since they create circulation in a more profound contrast treatment than hydrotherapy. So I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Stone therapy or interested in a different approach to therapeutic work. I found it beneficial to myself and my practice. I’ve used the new techniques already, and the results were terrific. My client was thrilled and had never had a Hot Stone treatment like it before. So she rebooked right away because she loved it so much. This course proves that Hot Stone Therapy Massage is more than just a fluffy spa treatment, and I’m very grateful I took it.