Shorter Cupping course to suit your needs!

In reaction to the new economic reality Seminars for Health is offering courses with more flexibility like this exciting new one day course “Dynamic Cupping of the Face/Neck and Extremities”. In order to sign up for this course, students are required to complete the Online Cupping Fundamentals and Safety course. Please click here to see the Online offering.

Price includes a set of 4 cups of various sizes, a comprehensive handout — access to videos for a minimal fee. 


Online Cupping Fundamentals and Safety

List of SFH Cupping offerings

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What is the difference between the SFH Dynamic Cupping and Dynamic Cupping of Face/Neck and Extremities?

Dynamic Cupping of the Face/Neck and Extremities course is simply shorter and will be an all hands-on course. The same content is covered in the longer version of SFH DC without the theory which will have to be done online prior to joining this one-day course.

On a different note, registrants will be able to become certified once they have completed, the online theory, Dynamic Cupping of the Back and Legs and Dynamic Cupping of the Face/Neck and Extremities.

Why should you take this Cupping course?

Introduce yourself to the more advanced cupping tool, using the medium-firm silicone, dome and facial cups. Learn how to safely use the cups practicing techniques on the Face/Neck and Extremities.

Stay current with this high-demand modality using an exceptionally effective tool. No hands can replicate the lift and efficiency of the cups.

Reach all body regions with these pliable soft edge silicone cups while maintaining suction (muscle attachments, posterior neck, palm, and plantar surface).

Restore health using Kinetic/Thai mobilization techniques designed explicitly for Dynamic Cupping therapists.

Increase the depth of your treatment with less effort. Obtain better results.

Work the magic of these beautiful and straightforward cups without disturbing the natural flow of your regular practice. Your hands are always in contact with the client.

Add cupping techniques to enhance without replacing your hands. Clients still feel like they are getting a quality massage.

The Seminars for Health team meticulously designed this cupping course with over 20 years of cupping experience going into developing it. The course is unique to Seminars for Health.

What you accomplish and acquire from taking this course?

Create a lift that no hands can achieve using silicone cups.

Work smarter, not harder, implementing a tool that does the warm-up for you.

Increase the depth of treatment.

Become recognized by your clientele.

Get certified as an SFH Dynamic Cupping Therapist.

Upgrade your skills, learn a new modality, and receive your CEC.

Proof of Attendance versus Certification

Students complete our classes and receive our “proof of attendance.” They still receive the allotted amount of credits specified by their association and do not need to complete an exam.

Students complete our “Certification” after they successfully write our exam.  If they pass all exams required (if more than one), then they will receive a final SFH certificate stating that they completed all requirements to be a “Certified Therapist.”

Who qualifies to take this course?

Prerequisite: Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, Nurses, and Osteopaths.

2nd Year Massage Therapy students who have completed Pathology are welcome.

Become an SFH Dynamic Cupping Therapist!

Need Additional Cups?

Recommended Starter Cupping Kit

This Starter Cupping Kit includes:
1 set of 4 medium firm cups
1 set of 2 facial cups (1 large and one small)
1 set of 2 Dome cups (1 large and one medium)

This Kit will be provided in class.

Copyright Policy 

This course contains information that is proprietary. None of the material contained within this course may be used without the explicit consent of Seminars for Health. Including paraphrasing or altered versions. All Seminars for Health content is protected by Canadian copyright laws. Seminars for Health reserves the right to pursue legal action towards any illegal distributions or presentations of any of the items listed above.