Cupping Fundamentals and Safety

Cupping application is a very powerful and useful tool when placed in the right hands. This online course is designed by the Seminars for Health faculty to teach you how to practice cupping safely while discovering its fascinating history and common practice.  Different standards of forms of Cupping practiced around the world are creating potential risks and undesirable results. However, the risks can be eliminated if proper application guidelines are followed and safety becomes a priority. 

History and evolution of Cupping

Classification of Cupping

Common types of Cups

Common skin reactions

Safety around cupping

Proper application of cupping

Marking post-treatment

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Live streaming with knowledgeable SFH instructors

Advantages of taking this Online course

Are you new to cupping and interested in finding more?

Do you want to know more about safe cupping practice?

You have previous cupping experience, and you want to know more.

You want flexibility with course times, this online course can be taken between clients or before or after work!

For massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors: After completing this online course, you can pursue your cupping training with Seminars for Health by signing up for the in-class Dynamic Cupping of the Anterior body and/or Dynamic Cupping of the Posterior Body courses.  You can become SFH Dynamic Cupping certified once you complete those 3 courses and complete the written exam successfully.

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Who qualifies to take this course?

This they base online course is opened to everyone wanting to know more about Cupping.

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