Enhance your practice with a remarkable 16-hour in-person Craniosacral Therapy I course! It’s more than a weekend seminar and offers unparalleled advanced treatment skills.

After completing the course, you’ll gain confidence and proficiency to develop a masterful touch, regardless of your profession. Imagine easily assessing the Craniosacral System and effectively treating bodily restrictions and cranial lesions.

This revolutionary course will transform Craniosacral Therapy. Don’t miss this groundbreaking opportunity to elevate your practice. Join us now and be part of this important movement!

Course Overview:

  • Learn Craniosacral theory, evaluating the normal and abnormal Craniosacral rhythm.
  • Understand cranial vault holds during evaluation and treatment.
  • Assess movement patterns of cranial bones and their significance in addressing specific symptoms.
  • Explore scanning, Direction of Energy Techniques, and Dural Tube work.
  • Master advanced Cranial Vault Holds and cranial bone-specific techniques.
  • Discover techniques for Frontal, Occipital, Sphenoid, Temporal, Hyoid, Vomer areas, along with advanced Dural Tube work and innovative approaches for whole-body and Cranio-Facial pain patterns.
  • Introduction to SomatoEmotional Release.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for healthcare providers working with oncology patients, including Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Nursing staff, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Athletic therapists, kinesiologists, Manual Osteopaths, Osteopaths, and 2nd Year Massage Therapy students who have completed Pathology.

Required Reading List:

To enhance your workshop experience, please read the following books before attending. You can find these books on platforms like Amazon, both new and used:

I: Craniosacral Therapy I by John E Upledger (Chapters: 1 – 6) II: Heart of Listening: v.1: Visionary Approach to Craniosacral Work: Vol 1 2nd ed. by H. Milne (Chapters: 1, 6, 9, 12, 14) III: The Heart of Listening: v.2: Visionary Approach to Craniosacral Work: Vol 2 2nd ed. by H. Milne (Chapters: 16, 17, 21) Optional: An Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment by Don Cohen

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