Ready to take your cupping skills to the next level? Join this Advanced Cupping Course designed for the previously trained cupping therapists.  Advance your cupping knowledge and skills while learning the immense potential of both the cups and this smart kinetic releasing approach. The emphasis of this course is on decompressing the joints. Suffering clients with tight joints need this amazing advanced Cupping modality.

Become proficient with cupping the neck, shoulder, and hip in a side-lying position while targeting specific muscles and joint structures. This position allows for easy access to tense areas and is ideal for joint decompression. This approach effectively brings excellent relief to your clients’ stiff and painful body.  Discover the power of the side-lying position with this Advanced Cupping course.


Pre-requisite: Any Cupping course or workshop, including SFH Dynamic Cupping.

Need Additional Cups

Dome & Facial Cupping Kit

This Kit includes:
1 set of 2 facial cups (1 large and 1 small)
1 set of 2 Dome cups (1 large and 1 medium)

This kit will be provided at class.