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Certification Program – SFH Orthopedic Massage

Seminars for Health, ACMT CGY
Sat Apr 2, 2022 8:30am – 5:30pm
Sun Apr 3, 2022 8:30am – 5:30pm
Tue Apr 5, 2022 8:30am – 5:30pm
Wed Apr 6, 2022 8:30am – 5:30pm
This class runs multiple days. Attending each class is required to obtain credits.
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Mara Boaru
Mara Boaru, PT, BScPT, RMT
Creator and instructor of SFH Intraoral TMJ with Precision and SFH Orthopedic Massage certification programs, Mara provides superior instruction, explaining distinct specifics of finger placement, to effect the best treatment results.

Become Certified as an SFH Orthopedic Massage Therapist!

Expand your palpation and technical skills on over 50 different muscles and become proficient with treating soft tissue injuries! Start with the free online theory and then complete eight in-person courses! Orthopedic massage is an injury rehabilitation that focuses on the muscles, joints, and soft tissues surrounding joints. Orthopedic massage aims to relieve pain while restoring balance to the tissues and creating a fuller range of motion.

Take this Orthopedic Massage Certification and obtain 25 association credits! It is a 9-part hybrid course that goes in-depth into the body’s significant muscle structures of over 50 plus different muscles. It is an immersive program that will leave you with superior hands-on training and provide you with practical and critical analytic skills to address your clients’ soft tissue injuries.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Seminars for Health want to assure you that we closely monitor the COVID-19 virus situation, following federal, local, and provincial guidelines carefully. In addition, we have a complete response plan in place should the situation change at any time.

Procedures for in-person training as of March 1, 2022:

As announced by the Provincial Government, businesses no longer need to participate in the Restrictions Exemption Program. Proof of vaccination and masks are no longer required to attend in-person classes. However, we ask you to stay home if you show any symptoms of COVID 19.

Additionally, SFH will continue to implement the following in-person procedures.

    • Regular hand sanitizing
    • Working with the same partner

Seminars for Health will do everything we can to ensure we stay open and can serve you during these times of need.

Course outcomes

Develop outstanding soft tissue manipulation of over 50 muscles

Identify and treat the musculoskeletal junction of each 50 muscles 

Identify muscles weaknesses and how to treat them

Develop sensitive skills to adjust pressure treatment to different parts of the  50 muscles

Learn to differentiate the different palpation skills specific to the tendon, muscle belly, and musculoskeletal junctions

Learn to strip over 50 different muscles

Learn to massage with the most precision, aligning muscles and joint

Learn to align muscle fibres improving their flexibility and strength

Recognize patterns of tension and how to treat them

Learn to work deeply without going deep

Become highly proficient with massaging with muscle base concept, vector of force application, and scooping method


“Amazing experience filled with exceptional knowledge. I left feeling more confident in my massage skills and extra excited to keep practicing in my career. Highly recommended!”  – Julia

How can I become certified?

Option 1: Sign up for the whole certification program. This includes free access to the 2.5 hr online Effective Tissue Manipulation course, attending all eight in-person classes, and writing the online exam! A genuinely fantastic program!

Option 2: Sign up for a 2-day bundle course. This includes free access to the 2.5 hr Online prerequisite Effective Tissue Manipulation course first (included in booking any Orthopedic Massage course). Then you can join the in-person bundle A and bundle B. The order in which you take the bundles does not matter as long as you complete the online Effective Tissue Manipulation course first. The last thing you need to do to become certified is to write an online exam.

Online Prerequisite: The Online Effective Tissue Manipulation course is designed to prepare you with the course’s fundamentals and get you going faster with the in-person hands-on classes. A link will be sent to you for FREE access when you sign up for any Orthopedic Massage option!

♥ Certification Program (Free online theory and 4 full days of training) Reg. $1099, Early $949 (Students and first-year graduates $710)

Bundle A (Free online theory and 2 full days of training) Reg $599, Early $549 (Students and first-year graduates $479)

Bundle B (Free online theory and 2 full days of training) Reg $599, Early $549 (Students and first-year graduates $479)

Effective tissue Manipulation (free require prerequisite online course before attending the in-person courses)

Bundle A Courses:

Orthopedic Massage of the Chest and Anterior Shoulder

Orthopedic Massage of the Rotator Cuff

Orthopedic Massage of the Anterior Neck

Orthopedic Massage of the Posterior Neck

Bundle B Courses:

Orthopedic Massage of the Hip and Thigh

Orthopedic Massage of the Leg and Foot

Orthopedic Massage of the Lumbar/SI

Orthopedic Massage of the Forearm, Wrist, and Hand

This course will dramatically change your client’s progress and response to treatment.

Learn how to implement Orthopedic Massage in your regular practice and understand pathologies.

Invest in YOURSELF and lengthen your career with improved body mechanics.

Students complete our courses and receive our “proof of attendance.” However, they still receive the allotted amount of credits specified by their association and do not need to complete an exam.

Students complete our “Certification” after they successfully write our exam. If they meet all course requirements and pass all exams, they may access their official digital certificate. To view the digital certificate, navigate to your online account. You can print it there or send it to your massage association via email. However, if you would prefer a physical copy, you may request Seminars For Health to mail you an institutionalized copy directly from us for the cost of $19.95.

  1. Students have to complete first the prerequisite online course: Effective Tissue Manipulation.
  2. Students must be present for the whole duration of the course length to become certified.  
  3. Students must participate and safely execute all hands-on components of the course.  
  4. Students must pass the final written exam. 

Please note that the instructors have the right to ask the students to execute any hands-on component at any time. Refusal will deny you from the exam process and, subsequently, your certification.  

SFH instructors hold the right to refuse students from writing the final exam if they feel that they cannot safely perform the material despite adequate training.  

Upon Course Completion:  

You will receive an email, with the option to write the exam or request proof of completion. Upon registration, make sure you enter your information correctly to ensure this happens. We collect your email address, first name, and last name (please give us the name you wish to have on your proof of attendance).  

Upon Certificate Completion:  

Students complete our “Certification” after they successfully write our exam. If they meet all course requirements and pass all exams, they may access their official digital certificate. To view the digital certificate, navigate to your online account. You can print it there or send it to your massage association via email. However, if you would prefer a physical copy, you may request Seminars For Health to mail you an institutionalized copy directly from us for the cost of $19.95.

Proof that you have understood the course content to the level where SFH is confident that you can safely incorporate their teachings into your practice.

Gives you total confidence that you understood the material to put it into your practice safely.

Proudly promote to your clientele that you are officially SFH certified.

Proficiency in your peers.

Registered massage therapists

Manual Osteopath

Massage therapy graduates (get 20% off for one year after graduation date)

Massage therapy students (second-year massage students once you have completed pathology, get 20% off)



Effective Tissue Manipulation Online:  Complete this free course online before you start your SFH OM in-person training. Once you purchase the full certification or a bundle, we will provide you with online access to Effective Tissue Manipulation to be ready for your in-person journey. This online course is included in the Certification or bundle.

In-Person Bundle A Courses

Orthopedic Massage: Chest and Anterior Shoulder Collapse posture is becoming the norm. Create a lasting opening that affects the entire body.

Forward positioning of the body is an epidemic. Your Orthopedic Massage will powerfully influence this growing problem by restoring chest expansion and correcting shoulder alignment. Release and minimize the persistent upper body tension linked to forward positioning. Resolve the conditions rooted in postural alignment issues. Transform your client’s overall health. (Clients who can significantly benefit: Office workers, hair stylists, dental hygienists, office workers, teenagers, and massage therapists)

Orthopedic Massage: Rotator Cuff – Regain the natural fluidity of the shoulder joint.

Upgrade your skills. Master the highly effective Orthopedic Massage techniques that treat debilitating tendinopathy. Execute targeted dynamic movement respecting the synergistic relationship between the rotator cuff muscles, the thoracic cage, and the spine. Provide lasting and permanent pain relief and create optimal function.

Orthopedic Massage: Anterior Neck – Be confident to work safely and effectively around vulnerable structures. Eliminate the compression that restricts mobility.

People are living in constant pain and searching for relief. Achieve the best results by regaining segmental C-spine upper and lower mobility to reduce muscle load. An Orthopedic Massage Therapist gains essential anatomical knowledge and execution of targeted advanced techniques. Understand comprehensible steps to perform a safe and effective treatment. Expertly perform the most precise, safe Longus Colli release technique created by Seminars for Health. Specialize in the highest-demand body region, the neck.

Orthopedic Massage: Posterior Neck – Release the load that burdens your clients.

Too often, people endure constant pain and need relief. The complicated neck is vulnerable and prone to injuries. Forward positioning of the head is an epidemic. Achieve results by identifying affected postural structures through accurate palpation with confidence. Orthopedic Massage provides optimal recovery, eliminating extreme tension while maintaining stability. Provide the ability to access deep and superficial posterior neck muscles with Orthopedic Massage practices. Obtain lasting relief for clients suffering from a postural strain, whiplash, tension headache, and stiff neck.

In-Person Bundle B Courses

Advanced OM of the Hip and Thigh Training Course

Orthopedic Massage: Hip and Thigh – Give the hip and thigh the attention it deserves. It bears the most load yet is often undertreated.

The hip is the quickest joint to show age; the effects are devastating. We are becoming a sitting, immobile society, showing an increase in osteoarthritis. Master Orthopedic Massage and influence the healing of the hip joint, capsule, muscle junction, and attachment. Increase motion and flexibility, improve joint health activity performance, and slow down aging. Be part of preventative and restorative care. Provide the quality of life with lasting effects.

Advanced OM of the Leg and Foot Training Course

Orthopedic Massage: Leg and Foot – Pain, restriction, and imbalances of the leg and foot affect the entire body. Achieve lasting relief with each step your client takes.

Often unresolved foot and leg problems can lead to conditions that require care. This weight-bearing, intricate region is highly responsive to Orthopedic Massage treatment provided to joints and muscles. Restore foot function and unload the muscles with dynamic Orthopedic Massage specific joint mobilization methods. Be part of preventative and restorative care.

Orthopedic Massage: Lumbar and SI Joint Affect the entire body by bringing balance to the spine and pelvis connection.

Facet joints are not designed to bear load creating pain and muscle tension. Orthopedic Massage releases spinal pressure forming ‘Opening’ by targeting key junctions to immediately eliminate the source of pain. Adding segmental mobility and targeted muscle work will restore pain-free postural balance. Perform a focused lumbar or SI treatment. Become empowered, provide relief, and slow down the overwhelming number of back pain sufferers.

Orthopedic Massage: Forearm, Wrist, and Hand – With the addition and dependency of electronic devices, everyone needs treatment.

Repetitive and overuse of electronic devices affect everyone, even if they don’t know it. Muscle imbalances and premature wear-and-tear of the joints, possibly leading to nerve compression. Bring awareness to unknown potential conditions before it becomes problematic. This can be treated optimally with Orthopedic Massage. Orthopedic Massage Therapists excel at providing a specific protocol to target the muscle belly, tendons, and musculotendinous junctions. Get results by providing uplifting and preventative care with Orthopedic Massage techniques.

Copyright Policy 

This course contains proprietary information. None of the material contained within this course may be used without Seminars’ explicit consent for Health. Including paraphrasing or altered versions. Canadian copyright laws protect all Seminars for Health content. In addition, seminars for Health reserves the right to pursue legal action towards any illegal distributions or presentations of any of the items listed above.  

          © 2022 Seminars for Health Inc., All rights reserved

Class times

Sat Apr 2, 2022 8:30am – 5:30pm
Sun Apr 3, 2022 8:30am – 5:30pm
Tue Apr 5, 2022 8:30am – 5:30pm
Wed Apr 6, 2022 8:30am – 5:30pm
This class runs multiple days. Attending each class is required to obtain credits.
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What to bring

  • 1 set of sheets
  • 1 pillow
  • 1 large and 2 small towels
  • Unscented Oil / Lotion / Gel
  • All the energy and enthusiasm you possess




Seminars for Health, ACMT CGY
10333 Southport Road SW (Suite A3)
Calgary, Alberta T2W 3X6 Canada
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I learned TMJ massage at school but not at this level of depth. My fingers feel comfortable navigating and my clients are at ease receiving this precise and often vulnerable work. Mara is a gifted instructor and is an expert with this material.

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