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Online Assisted Stretching Theory

Fri Jul 17, 2020 10am – 1pm
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To Stretch or Not To Stretch?

With so much conflicting information on the theory of stretching out there, it’s hard to know what to do!


"Amazing experience filled with exceptional knowledge. I left feeling more confident in my massage skills and extra excited to keep practicing in my career. Highly recommended!"

Learn the facts, the science, and the physiology of stretching so you can turn this powerful tool into one of your modalities/offerings. Learn the effects on various tissues, not only muscles, and know when to apply stretching to your clients. Learning with this Assisted Stretching Online course will not only enhance the effects of your massage but also allows you to gather more information about your client’s tissue health and available ROM. This way, you can easily adjust your treatments and provide a truly tailored treatment. With this approach, get successful stories with your clients.

This Assisted Stretching Theory course is a pre-requisite for the Online Assisted Stretching Practical course focusing on stretches for Upper Body and Lower Body. 

Courses outcomes

Confidently learn the benefits of stretching

Understand the stretching effects on different tissues

Learn the neuro-physiology of stretching

Learn the different stretching protocols

Learn the safety consideration around stretching

Advantages of taking this online course

1. Good use of your time. Learn at your own pace and when it is the most conducive to learning. There is no need to give up a sacred weekend or loose work attending a workshop. Learn around your commitment and social schedule.

2. Cost-effectiveness: You can save on traveling and accommodation costs and there is no need to take some days off work, lose income and pay for a babysitter as you can attend the course whenever it is the most convenient for me.

3. Information overload: You can learn so much in a traditional weekend workshop and not being able to retain most of it. Learning online allows me time and repetition until you are ready to learn the next chapter. 

4. You want to learn more about how assisted stretching works. 

5. You want to prepare yourself how to perform safely, assisted stretches on your clients.

6. You want to be able to offer a new modality to your clients with them being fully dressed. No oil, no washing sheet.

7. You want to learn a new modality and assessment tool.

For massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, personal trainers, athletic therapists: after completing this online course, you can pursue further Assisted Stretching training with Online Assisted Stretching for Upper Body and Lower Body courses

Key features



Interaction with host

Live streaming with knowledgeable SFH instructors

Upon online class Completion

You will receive an email, including an electronic version of your proof of attendance. Upon registration, make sure you enter your information correctly to ensure this happens. We collect your email address, first name and last name (please give us the name you wish to have on your proof of attendance).   

Who qualifies to take this course? 

  • Registered massage therapists
  • Massage therapy graduates 
  • Massage therapy students (second-year massage students once you have completed pathology) 
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Chiropractors 
  • Kinesiologists  
  • Personal trainers 
  • Athletic therapists

Copyright Policy 

This course contains information that is proprietary. None of the material contained within this course may be used without the explicit consent of Seminars for Health. Including paraphrasing or altered versions. All Seminars for Health content is protected by Canadian copyright laws. Seminars for Health reserves the right to pursue legal action towards any illegal distributions or presentations of any of the items listed above.  

Class times

Fri Jul 17, 2020 10am – 1pm
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What to bring

  • Online training
  • Please make sure that you will have a Wi-Fi connection
  • Access to either a Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet, IPAD, offering a better view than your just your phone device.



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Just finished day 1 of OM. AMAZING. Great techniques, very effective. Linda is an amazing woman with a load of knowledge. Very, very happy I signed up for this course and so grateful Seminars for Health came to Grande Prairie.

Wendy Cotterhill-Devaux (OM with LH)