Cadaver Lab Training Course

I think Seminars for Health is a game changer for all of us. Linda is very passionate about our industry and i thank her tremendously for filling this much needed void. I look forward to many more courses with this fabulous team

Dynamic Cupping and Massage

This course is an exceptional opportunity to study gross anatomy. Make your textbook alive!

This 3-hour anatomy lab will emphasize the study of the human musculoskeletal system on cadavers at the Gross Anatomy lab at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary. It is a rare opportunity for massage therapists and other health care professionals to have hands on access to cadavers for study.

This 3-dimensional approach to learning about the body is a highly popular seminar. You get to actually see the layers of fascia and muscle you have studied, learn to distinguish blood vessels from nerves and see the body organs fully enveloped in their fascia.

While this is not a dissection class, you may touch the cadavers and specimens under the guidance of an instructor.

The relevant structures and their functions of each cadaver will be explained and described by the instructor. Hands on access to the cadavers will be available for the students after the instructor has completed the demonstration, gloves and aprons will be provided. It is usually only while attending school that this facility is available but Seminars for Health has been granted special access to the lab because of the reputation of the company and its instructors. 

This exclusive Cadaver Lab opportunity is open to all Health Care Professionals. It is recommended that pregnant women should avoid this event.


Linda Hoppe
Linda Hoppe
CEO, OM creator, Bkin, TRP, CMT
Linda Hoppe

Linda’s greatest accomplishments is creating the Advanced OM (Orthopedic Massage) Certification program. The principles of treating cannot be found anywhere else.

CEO, OM creator, Bkin, TRP, CMT


Wed, January 24, 2018, 8:45 am – noon




3330 Hospital Dr. NW,  Calgary

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What to bring

  • Appropriate attire required out of respect:
  • Closed toed shoes
  • No hats. No shorts.
  • Pants, long skirts/dresses only.
  • Photos are NOT permitted.
  • No phones in the lab.
  • Personal belongings will be kept outside of the lab.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women



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