Training and Workshops for
Registered Massage Therapists (RMT’s)


"Linda is not only a very knowledgeable and experienced therapist, she is also a talented instructor with an over the years refined methodology. She will challenge and guide you at the same time while breaking down the sophisticated concepts so that the learning process is smoother. And when you will use the skills in your practice you will realize how much you've accumulated."

Mara Boaru RMT

“The Decompression Release course was great, I especially appreciated Bob Cross and his down to earth, informative approach to teaching. He shared so many valuable techniques with us. I felt so fortunate to be on the receiving end of his years of experience, and he was so non judgemental and supportive.
Wow. I don't recall any more how I first heard of your Seminars for Health courses, but am sure glad you came into my world.“


"I will always be your customer and put good a word out about your company...Sandra came to my house to review her O/A and she saw all my certificates from other seminar providers and schools and I replied to her that Seminars for Health surpassed all those schools when it comes to the quality and quantity of learning you will get...and its really good you and Linda have created Seminars for Health are all dedicated and good teachers...including Dr. Salami...he is an asset to your company..."

Margarita Lansangan RMT

"As a former student of massage, I have taken a number of Linda's classes. I admire her knowledge as an instructor and her positive personality is contagious! I have a deep respect for her work ethic, passion, and dedication to building credibility and advancing the massage industry. She is a wonderful mentor!"

Sandra Goebel BA RMT

"Thank you for your inspirational teaching and the impact it has had on my clients. You guy's are the BEST!"

Barb Ulrich

"I finished the Neck Injury Workshop this past weekend and I absolutely loved it! Bob and Linda are amazing instructors who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. I appreciated their ability and patience in teaching to all levels of experience. They were very approachable and allowed people to feel "non-threatened" when asking questions. I also appreciated the amount of hands on time that was allotted in the workshop and their supervision during this time to help with any questions I had. Thanks for the wonderful learning opportunity!"

Christine Rooney

"You read comments about a workshop and think yeah right,it is probably not that great because most of them have really good reviews and turn out to be duds...well they is not the case here..
This workshop is run by two professionals who have a passion for their work and it shows..
Their knowledge and one on one help is great..
I just finished the Neck Injury Workshop this past weekend and I now feel confident to work on clients and my boyfriend who has many issues from his Head and Neck Cancer..
Hope you will have many seminars in Edmonton in the future...
Thank you!"

Jeannette Lingley