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Mike's Biography

Mike Horne

Mike has been practicing massage therapy for 15 years, has been a Massage Therapy instructor since 2003; starting to teach at ICT Northumberland College in Halifax Nova Scotia as well as CCMH Halifax and Calgary campuses. Mike has been involved with many different sections of the profession from Cruise Ships, land based resorts in other countries, along with setting up a training academy in the UK for a the cruise ship spa company. His practice has been varied and dynamic throughout the years ranging from National and professional Athletes, to the theatre and dance communities, along with special population groups from chronic pain and neurological conditions. He is currently a Lead instructor at MRU and has been with them since 2010, and was also involved with the curriculum review group and rewrite. Currently he is the lead massage therapist at Landmark Collaborative Health and sitting on the board of directors for the MTAA.