Intraoral TMJ with Precision

I learned TMJ massage at school but not at this level of depth. My fingers feel comfortable navigating and my clients are at ease receiving this precise and often vulnerable work. Mara is a gifted instructor and is an expert with this material.

Participant Testimonial

Learn an effective and respectful way to treat the temporomandibular joint INTRAORALLY.

Become confident and expand your practice.

Offer a new and specialized service to your clients.

By taking this course you will review the anatomy and mechanics of the jaw.

You will learn to palpate the challenging soft tissue and joint components to ensure precisetreatment.

The factors involved in various pathologies and evaluation strategies will be discussed.

Plus lots of hand-on practice time will be accounted for.

Lastly, we will be discussing ways to incorporate the new techniques into your practice and how to access this niche clientele.


Mara Boaru
Mara Boaru
PT, BScPT, RMT and Intraoral TMJ with Precision creator
Mara Boaru

Creator and instructor of Intraoral TMJ with Precision and co-instructor of the Advance OM (Orthopedic Massage) certification courses, Mara provides superior instruction, explaining distinct specifics of finger placement, to effect best treatment results.

PT, BScPT, RMT and Intraoral TMJ with Precision creator


Fri, August 18, 9am – 5pm




8925 51 Ave #318,  Edmonton,  AB

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What to bring

  • Pillow
  • Loose fitting clothes and tank tops for easy access to the neck
  • Massage tables are provided


MTAS 7 (primary)
NHPC 5 for NHPC Massage Therapists
MTAA 7 (primary)

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