Fascial Decompression Training Course

Fascial Decompression with Denny is AMAZING. I so wish that I took this course earlier in my career. I cannot believe the difference it has made with clients who live with persistent pain.

Participant Testimonial

There are times where clients seem to try it all with no results. Clients with persistent pain need lasting relief. This new take on myofascial release is inspired by John Barnes' instruction and Denny's extensive treatment hours. Fascial Decompression was created to offer therapists a method to achieve results for clients who suffer from chronic conditions.

Make a difference for clients when nothing else seems to work. Initiate your client's self-healing process with this gentle, less invasive approach. Satisfy clients by giving consistent and effective results. You will not find this unique course anywhere else. 


Denny Paccagnan
RMT, Fascial Decompression creator
Denny Paccagnan

Denny created the remarkable Fascial Decompression method. His outstanding course was developed from his 22,000+ hours of successful “hands-on” therapeutic work experience and immense continuing education knowledge including inspiration of John F. Barnes.

RMT, Fascial Decompression creator


Fri–Sat, May 26–27, 9am – 5pm




2115 Sirocco Dr. SW,  Calgary,  AB

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