I think Seminars for Health is a game changer for all of us. Linda is very passionate about our industry and i thank her tremendously for filling this much needed void. I look forward to many more courses with this fabulous team

Dynamic Cupping and Massage

There is a prevalence of overuse injuries and fractures, ailments are magnified in this intricate area. With the addition and dependency of electronic devices, everyone is in need of a therapeutic treatment.


Repetitive and overused of electronic devices clearly affect everyone, even if they don’t know it. Muscle imbalances and premature wear-and-tear of the joints, possibly leading to nerve compression. Bring awareness to unknown potential conditions before it becomes problematic. This can be treated optimally with Orthopedic Massage. OM Therapists excel at providing specific protocol to best target the muscle belly, the tendon and musculotendinous junction. Get results by providing uplifting and preventative care with OM techniques.


What you accomplish and acquire from taking this course?

One course closer to completing your Advanced OM Certification.

Receive a certificate of completion for taking this course.

Receive a comprehensive handout.

Upgrade your skills and receive your CEC.

Widely recognized hands on expertise.


Who should take this course?

All massage therapists can benefit and are welcome.

Massage therapy students and recent graduates will enhance their skills and are welcome.


Become an Advanced Massage Therapist by signing up for the series!


Linda Hoppe
Linda Hoppe
CEO, OM creator
Linda Hoppe

Linda’s greatest accomplishments is creating the Advanced OM (Orthopedic Massage) Certification program. The principles of treating cannot be found anywhere else.

CEO, OM creator


Wed, May 17, 9am – 1pm




2115 Sirocco Dr. SW,  Calgary,  AB

What to bring



    Large and small towels

    Oil / Lotion / Gel

    All the energy and enthusiasm you possess

    Massage tables are provided


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