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Registered Massage Therapists (RMT’s)

Mara's biography

Mara Boaru

If you want more PRECISION in your work Mara is the best instructor choice for you. She has a tremendous amount of patience when it comes to teaching detailed anatomy and palpation skills. She is also known for her humour and her approachable style. That’s a good combo!

Human movement has always been her fascination and passion. She pursued this by achieving a Physiotherapy degree in 2008 then, wanting to further improve her hands-on skills, she graduated from Mount Royal University in Calgary in 2010. Learning didn’t stop there, over the years Mara has taken as many courses and seminars as she could and has developed a special interest in jaw and neck areas. She would love to share her knowledge with the RMT community.

As a sought-after Physiotherapist, well-rounded Massage Therapist, experienced teacher, life-long learner and outdoor enthusiast there are lots of things you could learn from Mara.