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LanreLanre Salami

Dr. Salami is the instuctor for Advanced Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries (Cyriax's frictions) course. He has been with Seminars for Health for 3 years. Dr. Salami is a medical graduate and massage therapist practicing since 1994. He has had a positive influence on the development of orthopedic application of massage therapy as a complementary modality along with allopathic medicine. He is involved in massage training and curriculum development at some of the massage schools and associations in the province. His background in orthopedic medicine provides a comprehensive approach to soft tissue dysfunction assessment and treatment.

He has been a guest speaker in a variety of non-invasive technique applications in chronic pain management, physiology seminar presentations involving soft tissue manipulation techniques and massage management in diabetics, TMJ and other fascial disorders. He has been involved with therapeutic massage training both in and out of province. Dr. Salami has been teaching within the massage community for over 10 years including, Mount Royal University massage program and is currently a senior instructor at Makami College.