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Doris HarveyDoris Harvey

Doris Harvey began her career in massage therapy in 1999 after graduating from Mount Royal College. During the past 16 years, she has been both a clinic owner and a practicing therapist specializing mostly in both pre and postnatal massage and injury rehabilitation related to motor vehicle accidents. As well, she has both instructed and developed several massage therapy courses including those for the general public and professional development for other therapists.

While working on an undergraduate degree in Healthcare Management, the idea to become a First Aid instructor was planted in her brain. So in 2014 she started her own Red Cross certified training company and have focused primarily on certifying those in massage therapy and other health care fields.

Doris enjoys teaching the Red Cross program as it focuses on prevention while presenting the material in a way that is sensible and easy to learn. When developing the class curriculum, Doris tried to apply scenarios that are relevant to daily lives. It is her intention to have students leave the class feeling confident that they can handle an emergency medical situation, should they come upon one.