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Denny's biography

Denny Paccagnan

Denny Paccagnan has been passionately practicing Hands-On Therapy at the Centre for Soft Tissue Pain for more than 20 years. As a result of Denny’s desire to learn, he has also become fully certified in Dr. Vodder’s system of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT), and completed numerous myofascial release courses taught by John Barnes, Barry Jenings, and others, the most recent being his Masters Training Certification in Advanced Myofascial Release, instructed by Barry Jenings. His desire and enthusiasm to learn keeps him informed on the latest myofascial and lymphatic techniques.

As well as being well educated and highly trained, Denny has over 22,000 hours of “hands-on” therapeutic work experience with clients suffering from numerous musculoskeletal and lymphatic related problems. His philosophy is to help the body initiate its own innate natural healing response, which allows the injury or problem to heal itself. He utilizes many different styles of fascial and lymphatic techniques, with most of them being very gentle and non-invasive. This method of treatment is ideal when treating patients whose nervous system is already overloaded and require a gentle, less invasive approach to healing.

Denny is a very calming therapist to be around, and his style of treatment has been described as one using intuitive intelligence behind his techniques, meaning he follows his intuition and combines it with all the education and experience he has received over the years. This combination has been shown to be very effective in successfully treating his patients.